ATV Trail Riding Can Be Family Fun

Are you seeking a new activity that can be done with the entire family? If so, then you may want to consider the hobby of ATV trail riding. Not only will you have an exciting time, but you will also be able to grow closer as a family.

When it comes to purchasing an ATV, you have a variety of choices. Power output ranges from 50cc to a whopping 700cc or more. If you are new to the sport, then you may want to purchase an entry-level quad.Is this new Read the rest of this entry »

Put Your Torque to the Test With Motocross

Popular motocross racing events are held around the world. There are a variety of races including motorcycles, ATVs and bike racing events. If you want to test your skill in ATV racing, find a local ATV organization in your area. You can network with other ATV racers by searching for online forums. This is the best way to find local events and training classes. Safety is an important part of any racing event. Instructors will teach you Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross Starter Tips for Beginners

Motocross racing is a great sports that requires a lot of skill. When you are a beginner to the sport, it is important to choose the right bike. It is also important to learn the basic safety rules while racing. You must also wear the right gear. Choose racing gear that is made well. Googles, chest and back protectors and a helmet are all requirements. Make sure you buy your gear from a high-quality racing Read the rest of this entry »

A Brief History of Motocross Racing

Since its humble beginnings in the early 20th century, motocross has grown into an extremely popular sport around the world. Today, races take place in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa, many of which are broadcast on Cable TV.

Motocross originated in Great Britain in the form of motorcycle trials competitions, which later paved the way for off-road racing events called “scrambles.” Instead of using the delicate scoring system associated with the trials competitions, scrambles simply determined a winner based on who was the fastest rider to the finish line.

By the 1930s, motocross soared in popularity, particularly in Great Britain. Up to this time, the motorcycles used in races were largely the same as the ones used on the street. However, the bikes would soon be altered to accommodate the rough terrain that races took place on. Stiff frames were replaced by suspensions in the early 1930s. By the early 1950s, swinging fork rear suspension was introduced. A few years later, it was integrated into the majority of motocross bikes.

Around a decade later, European motorcycle manufacturers were challenged by the Japanese. In 1970, Jol Robert won the 1970 250 cc crown on a Suzuki motorcycle, giving the Japanese manufacturers their first world championship.

Traditional motocross would eventually open the door for a number of different motorcycle sports that are prevalent today, including freestyle motocross, Supermoto, ATV/Quad motocross, Supercross, Sidecar racing and mini-motocross.

Motocross Apparel For Style and Safety

You want to look good while you are enjoying the thrilling sport of Motocross, but safety is always a big issue too. You want to find the apparel to keep you looking your best and that will offer protection in case of a crash. You will have a wide variety of options out there, so always be sure and buy from a reputable company. It might seem like a good idea to save a few dollars and buy cheap apparel, but when it comes to Motocross racing you Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross Action Magazine: Publication For the Serious MX Rider

Motocross Action Magazine is a full featured online version of its namesake popular sports publication. Just like the traditional print format, it offers high-quality content including riding tips, bike tests, product reviews, news stories, and track guides. The video section contains close-up action with professional who provide inside information on the mechanics of professional motocross. Ask_The_MxPerts is a section designed for your most intriguing questions where anyone can participate by emailing their queries to the MXA panel of experts.

Reviews & Comparison – Expert Opinion

The Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross Riders Show Off Unique Style

Motocross became a sporting activity in 1900s. The sport evolved from motorcycle racing, with the first event being held in Britain. By 1960s, the sport had gained popularity in America. Adjustments on original designs of motorcycles were made by the manufactures, to provide the riders with better bikes for the rough terrain.
The sport demand that riders should race for top-quality time, as they pass through rough terrain. Motocross races do take place despite the weather conditions.

Some of the great Read the rest of this entry »

Dune Blasting is Extreme ATV Action

Dune Blasting is extreme ATV action to the max. The rush of adrenaline you will experience from the moment you get started will leave you feeling euphoric. The hype surrounding the Dune blasting experience real and warranted. Take your mind off all the possibilities and focus on the frontier of adrenline fun waiting you. Dune Blasting offers an online experience like never before.

Dubai has become the center of the Dune Blasting attraction with thousands of new participants joining in daily to get the first rush of ultimate fun. The Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross: The Ultimate Off Road Sport

Motocross is a type of adrenaline pumping racing sport that uses modified motorcycles on enclosed off road circuits. Motorcycles outfitted for off road racing barrel down dirt tracks that feature built int obstacles like berms, bumps and jump ramps. Some of the jumps go way in the air and many of the matches occur in all weather types, furthering the difficult of navigating difficult terrain in a wheeled bicycle.

Motocross is considered the ultimate off road sport because the motorcycles use only two wheels instead of Read the rest of this entry »